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Home cookingHow a-ruoka differentiates the service delivery model from other players

How a-ruoka.fi differentiates the service from other market players


Delivery to your doorstep for all purchases !

We provide free delivery for the items purchased from our website.  You are no longer need to visit the shop and carry the items back home. You can place order for the items you may need to the whole month and get the items delivered free to your doorstep.  We maintain the appropriate cold chain conditions in the delivery if applicable.

No need to drive through snowy roads to buy the items you need to prepare the lunch

Consumer friendly online channels to place the orders easily

A-Ruoka is available with Facebook, Instagram and Telegram. You can easily use one of these channels and place the order. We also accept cash on delivery as well as online bank transfers.  You can use your mobile phone or laptop to select the items and place orders easily. Also you can track and trace the order processing status and delivery status.


You can request any other required products through the web portal

You can request any other products you prefer and not available in our store. We will try our best to deliver your preferred product eventhough it is not listed website.  


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About Us

Established in January 2022  in Oulu, Finland, our aim is to deliver Asia’s finest taste to the international communities as well as locals in Finland. We cater a rich selection of Asian spices, rice, grains, snacks as well as miscellaneous consumables imported from India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

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