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FAQ Page

Everything you need to know

We hope most of the generic consumer queries are listed here. If you have further queries, please email us at sales@a-ruoka.fi

01.Delivery time(Within Oulu)?

We provide everyday delivery to your home free of charge, regardless of the order amount within Oulu.  We will call you and arrange most convenient delivery time for you and ensure the delivery process is hassle-free to you.

02.The minimum order I can place(Within Oulu)? 

There is no minimum order to place in the order for the orders within Oulu. However, we provide the delivery totally free for the orders until further notice.

03.Delivery time(Other cities of Finland)?

The delivery time is around 2-5 business days to the other cities in Finland. Currently, the most popular option of our customers is the delivery to the nearest R-Kioski pickup point.

04.The minimum order I can place(Other cities of Finland)? 

We reccomend the  customers to place at least 50 euros for an order in order to gain the maximum out of the competitive pricing strategy of our company. The customers already have to pay 5 euros(including VAT) for the shipping and it is not worth for the customers to pay such amount for smaller set of items. We can provide delivery upto 10-15 kg per package.  However, the company holds the right to accept or decline the order for other cities.  In case of decline, the company refunds the full amount upon cancellation of the order.

05.Refunds and how they work?

All orders are covered under Finnish consumer protection law.  The goods sold through the website are liable for 14 day return policy.  We transfer the money to your account if it is required.

06.What to do if  item I want is not listed?

You can simply send an email to sales@a-ruoka.fi and we will get back to you by price estimation and expected delivery date.

07.Delivery range

The same day free delivery range is currently within 10 km from the city center.  We also provide delivery within 2-5 business days to the nearest R-Kioski in partnership with DB-Schenker.  A flat delivery charge of 5 euros apply for a package of 10-15 kg.

Any clarifications on the delivery, please contact customer support in 0413147891.


About Us

Established in January 2022  in Oulu, Finland, our aim is to deliver Asia’s finest taste to the international communities as well as locals in Finland. We cater a rich selection of Asian spices, rice, grains, snacks as well as miscellaneous consumables imported from India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

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