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Terms & Conditions

Important informations

Please read our terms and conditions carefully.


Only people over the age of 18 have the right to order from a-ruoka online platform.

Delivery time

The delivery time of the order is determined by the choice of delivery method chosen at ordering time. Estimated delivery time is always stated when ordering

Order confirmation

After we receive your order, we will send you an order confirmation via email, which is a good idea to save until your order arrives. It is paramount that the contact information provided is correct in order for the confirmation to arrive. A-ruoka explicitly reserve that a product may be out of stock at the time of placing the order, in which case the order may be cancelled, in whole or in part, and you will be refunded accordingly. Upon delivery we will send you a receipt for Your order.

Payment options

The end user can choose different payment methods in the service, which are currently the following: [MobilePay, card payment, online banking payments: Osuuspankki, Nordea, Danske Bank, S-Bank, Aktia, Bank of Åland, Handelsbanken, POP Bank, Säästöpankki, Oma Säästöpankki, and cash] Service. A-ruoka reserves the right to offer other payment methods or not to offer certain payment methods. The end user chooses a binding payment method when ordering. If the end customer chooses an online payment method, the payment can be processed by an external payment service provider who works with the service provider. In that case, the payment service provider shall store the card details for subsequent orders, provided that the end customer selects and consents to that storage.

    • Online payment  :  Orders are paid for in advance in the payment section of your bank, which is automatically accessed from the shopping cart when online payment is selected. The order then goes for processing. The service has online payment buttons for all the most common banks.
    •  Credit card payment   :  Orders are paid for in advance by credit card in our partner Klarna’s payment service, which is automatically accessed from the shopping cart when credit card payment is selected. We accept the most common credit cards and debit cards as credit card payment methods. After a successful payment transaction, the order will be transferred to the restaurant. If desired, the customer can save the credit card information for future reference.
    • Payment on delivery : Orders are paid upon delivery.
    • Payment upon collection : Orders are payable on pick up from the a-ruoka’s warehouse.

 Saving customer information

The subscriber’s information is stored in the customer register. When an unregistered customer subscribes to the service, a user account is automatically registered for him. By ordering from the service, the customer has read and accepted the service’s register description. By ordering from the service, the customer is registered as a customer of the a-ruoka’s online service.


Delivery of the order takes place by transport, with the exception of pick-up. If there are problems with the delivery of the product or there is a defect in the product itself, then you must act as 
stated in the complaint section.


Delivery Schedule

We deliver to your doorstep after 5 PM of every day.  We will send you a Whatsapp message and email notifying the delivery time.



If there is a defect in the delivery or the product, please contact our customer service. The order confirmation also states the details of the products, and in matters related to the delivery time and the product, you can also contact our customer service.

Order processing

After ordering, the ordered products are processed by the a-ruoka’s online service and dispatched in accordance with the  delivery method selected by the customer.


About Us

Established in January 2022  in Oulu, Finland, our aim is to deliver Asia’s finest taste to the international communities as well as locals in Finland. We cater a rich selection of Asian spices, rice, grains, snacks as well as miscellaneous consumables imported from India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

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